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          Brakes a few millimeters may also cause a big accident

          Brake pads are familiar parts for many car owners. Although they are small in size, they are the most basic and important part of an active safety system. However, because of the high frequency, the brake pads are not likely to be damaged. But when do you need to replace the brake pads, I am afraid many owners may not be able to speak clearly.

          In fact, the life of a brake pad is difficult to define with a clear kilometer or time. Because each person's driving situation is not the same, the road conditions are not the same, so the wear of brake pads are not the same. Some people may need to replace the brake pads 3-4 million kilometers, and some 100,000 kilometers do not need to replace the brake pads.

          1. How to determine the brake pads need to be replaced?

          Remove the use of new brake pads in the run-in stage, if the brake in the light at the same time with ferocious metal friction, then the brake pads must be replaced immediately. This approach may not fly, if you feel poor braking or braking force is insufficient, there may be problems such as brake lines, involving more for many reasons. So it is best to judge with the naked eye.

          Under normal circumstances a brand new brake pad thickness of about 1.5cm, when the naked eye is observed when the brake pad thickness of less than 0.5cm, it is necessary to be replaced.

          Of course, due to the individual wheel hub design reasons, without disassembling the tire hard to see through the naked eye brake pads, it is best to regularly check to the repair shop, the easiest way is to pay attention to the dashboard tips, when the brake light When you need to replace the brake light

          2. What kind of brake replacement? Disconnect the brake pads need to be replaced? How to determine the brake pads need to be replaced?

          Replace the brake is best replaced by the original brake pads. The only way to make the best brake between brake pads and brake discs, wear resistance is also the best!

          Of course, if you want to improve performance, you can choose ceramic brakes (not really ceramic, is actually a synthetic material), of course, the price will be slightly more expensive.

          Brakes need to be replaced at the same time, the new brake lining surface smooth, need to run with the brake disc 200 km to achieve the most results. So this time to be careful fierce driving.

          3. Why brake pads need to run after replacement?

          After the replacement of the new brake pads, the brake pad surface is relatively flat, and the contact surface of the brake disc is very uneven. This time, there will be the emergence of the so-called "brake" situation. Therefore, for a new brake pads necessary to run it, so that the contact area between the brake pads and brake discs increase, better play a braking effect.

          4. How to change the new brake pads run in?

          Brake pads change, if you feel the brake is soft, then be sure to stop a few feet brake to eliminate the brake pads and brake disc clearance. Need to run 200 km to achieve the most braking effect, try to drive to the road where a good car less running. Break the new brake pads method is to try to use the brake points to brake, do not break before the use of emergency brake. Prone to accidents.

          1> light on the brakes to moderate braking force to speed down to about 10-20 km / h speed. It is not necessary to keep an eye on the tac178福彩下载ter, just keep your eyes on the road and make sure to take note of the road conditions.

          2> release the brake a few kilometers to brake a little cooling temperature. However, it is not possible to stop the vehicle until it stops, otherwise the material of the brake pads will melt into the brake disc, which will cause the brake to vibrate.

          3>repeat at least 10 brake cycles

          Brakes must choose the regular manufacturers of products, low-quality brake pads will not only affect the braking effect, but also cause damage to the brake disc. If you replace the brake pads in the repair shop, need to be very cautious! Brake pads in the price range of the permit, or choose a more well-known brand more reliable.

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